Holland Flower Partners

Holland Flower Partners

Specific promotion, whole coordinated on the wishes of our customers, is the basis of the Netherlands Flower partners!


Quality control, marketing and promotion! For a large group nurserymen, this number of years had been suffered the basis of the renewing concept of the Netherlands Flower partners. Still this group determines companies an important part of the customer file of HFP! The daily quality control results still always in a top quality to rozen and a very well communication between nurseryman, exporter and is customer. The past 2 years the Netherlands has tevens added himself Flower partners on the promotion of a lot of other products within the Dutch sierteelt. New concepts have been put in the market and in a very specific manner the promotion by company and product is put down on the several markets in Wests and East Europe. And … our parcel to products breidt still always steadily.

First prize stand design HFP, exhibition Kiev!

The exhibition Flowers & Hortech in Kiev from 12 to 14 April 2011 was again a big success for all participating companies in the HFP pavilion!   Holland Flower Partners, after winning the first prize for stand design at the exhibition Flowers Moscow 2010, again won the first prize for stand design in Kiev! Together with leading ...

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